A downloadable counterintuitive for Windows

Dish Pig Dilemma is a counterintuitive limb movement game(think QWOP, but basic) that involves manipulating the arms to wash and clean dishes. You play through several kitchen scenes cleaning plates as quickly as you can and obtain a high enough score to beat the leaderboard and claim #1 on the leaderboard.

This prototype is just that, a prototype. The game contains myriad bugs that will eventually be squashed and fluidity being implemented at a later stage.

Instructions on How to Play

***Requires a game pad to play***

Use D-Pad to navigate menus. NOTE: If a button loses highlight, mouse over to re-enable controller input.

The 'Home Level' will be the only level currently playable. Players should be able to manipulate the dish pig "Spud" left and right arms using the left and right analogue sticks. The left stick is inverted for the sake of adding to a whacky experience.

Move the left arm to the growing pile of dishes to grab a dish. Move this dirty dish to the sink in order to clean, and when done, swap to right hand to place in the dish rack, and drop using the A key (Button 1 likely). The dish rack at this point in the prototype doesn't hold or store the dish. All aspects of this project were for demonstation purposes only.

Install instructions

For Mac currently only. Unzip, and go for it.


DishPigDilemma_v0.9.zip 148 MB

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